Elevating Workplace Safety and Compliance with Ease

Acciline+ is an occupational health and safety management platform that helps you reduce and respond to workplace accidents.

Simplify your OHS procedures

Save time

Ensure compliance

End-to-end Occupational Workplace Safety Solution

Unify key OHS management processes in Acciline+ to centralize and protect your employees on an ongoing basis.

Flexible and powerful dashboards

No organization cannot afford to be without oversight of its health and safety protocols. Acciline+ offers a perfect solution to effortlessly monitor and manage multiple projects and locations, all from a single, easy-to-use web interface.

Strategic action plans

Take command of your organization safety through our action-oriented system. Delegate tasks directly to your team members and populate their individual dashboards in real time. Stay ahead of compliance issues with real-time alerts, ensuring quick action and a proactive approach to addressing concerns.

Cloud-based file management

Our user-friendly, cloud-based system simplifies document management, ensuring your vital information is not only easily accessible but also permanently secured. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe and your document handling process is streamlined with Acciline+.

Safety Simplified, Success Amplified

#1 Book a demo

Experience how our solution can identify and assess risks in your workplace environment.

#2 Implement the solution
Experience the ease of integration that not only enhances your security but also optimizes your existing processes for maximum efficiency and peace of mind.
#3 Cultivate a Safe and Empowered Workplace

Foster a workplace where employees feel safe, secure and empowered, resulting in a thriving, injury-free environment.

Empower On-Site Safety Ambassadors

MyAcci is the essential companion to our comprehensive Acciline+ tool. This powerful application revolutionizes your reporting processes, allowing you to easily report workplace accidents and improvement opportunities directly from the field.
  • Streamline Safety Reporting
  • Access Real-Time Operational Insights
  • Elevate Safety and Adherence

Discover Acciline+ today

Empower your employees with a safety solution tailored to their needs. Acciline+ is more than a tool; it’s a commitment to their well-being, ensuring a safe and confident working environment for your team.